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Aqaba Marine Park

Aqaba’s brilliant coral reefs and marine life treasures are protected in Aqaba Marine Park, occupying 7 km of a preserved tapestry of shapes and colors on the south beach of Aqaba.

Established in 1997, Aqaba Marine Park’s mission is to give visitors access to a world of underwater vibrancy while raising awareness and encouraging eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism.

When you step into Aqaba Marine Park, you will receive an equally warm welcome from Aqaba’s sun and sandy beaches as that from the park’s staff and rangers who with passion and dedication will lead you to view marine life from a fresh perspective.

With immediate access to the beach, you can enjoy a myriad of recreational activities: diving, snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing while contributing to the preservation of the marine environment with simple actions. Aqaba Marine Park was designed to protect and preserve Aqaba’s underwater exquisite biodiversity, but it is only with your help that it can pass on this legacy to the next generations.

The Aqaba Marine Park is located south of the city of Aqaba.  The park is about 7 km in length, stretching from the Passenger Terminal in the North to the Police Officers’ Club in the South.  The park’s terrestrial boundary lies 50 m East of the  Mean High Water Mark and the marine boundary lies 350 m West of the Mean High Water Mark.

For assistance and more information, contact the park's visitors' center:

Tel: 00962 3 2035801/ 2035803

Fax: 00962 3 2035802