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Things you don’t know about Aqaba #1

Thamaiel of Aqaba

Do you Know If you reach Aqaba’s north public beach and dig half a meter in the sand just next to the seashore, you will be able to fetch and drink freshwater? Isn’t that amazing?!

Aqaba has been famous since a long time ago for its “Thamaiel” plural for Thamila”; which means the place of water buried in the ground usually near a valley or in the way of a torrent, and when digging, water comes out of it. When it rains, the rainwater runs under the pebbles and stays there as the rocky underground prevents it from running deeper.

This phenomenon made Aqaba a hub for water resource for both the pilgrims during the Hajj season, and the Bedouin shepherds.

The incredible thing is that birds and cattle know the locations of Aqaba's Thamaiel and drink from them. Moreover, when the waves are high, some birds dive to drink from this freshwater, and some other birds and animals wait until tide falls behind to drink.

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