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Things you don’t know about Aqaba #2

Aqaba in the The Paraiba inscription

Ayla (Aqaba) is located on the land route that used to start from Yemen, Sheba and Maeen, then Yathrib and Ayla, afterwards, it branches out either to Gaza, Egypt, North and South Africa, or it goes north to Petra and Palmyra or the Mediterranean ports. This route linked Ayla to trade relations with the Phoenicians to manufacture and manage the Edomites ships.

It is interesting to mention here that some historical sources mentioned that the first sea voyage reached the coasts of the American continent three thousand years ago, specifically in (966 BC), it set off from the port of Aqaba, meaning that they were the first to discover the continent of America and the Cape of Good Hope.

In 1872 a stone was found on the northeast coast of Brazil, engraved with Phoenician inscription, nowadays known as The Paraiba inscription, where attempts were made to translate it, among them the following translation: (We are Sidonian Canaanites from the city of the Mercantile King. We were cast up on this distant shore, a land of mountains. We sacrificed a youth to the celestial gods and goddesses in the nineteenth year of our mighty King Hiram and embarked from Ezion-geber (port of Aqaba) into the Red Sea. We voyaged with ten ships and were at sea together for two years around Africa. Then we were separated by the hand of Baal and were no longer with our companions. So we have come here, twelve men and three women, into New Shore. Am I, the Admiral, a man who would flee? Nay! May the celestial gods and goddesses favour us well!)


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