Ayla Golf Course

Ayla Golf Course

While in Aqaba, a trip to Jordan’s first 18-hole par-72 golf course is a must. Ranked among world’s top three eco-friendly golf courses, the Ayla Golf Course boasts a spectacular setting of the majestic mountains of Aqaba bay. Along the way, the Golf Course offers organic architecture, artistry man-made waterfronts, and modern serene clubhouse.

Standing over 120 hectares of unprecedented modern and natural lush landscape, the Ayla Golf course has become the new go-to destination for not only golf enthusiasts, but also tourists.

The Ayla Golf Course was designed by the legendary Greg Norman with a design philosophy to create a premier signature golf course that blends with their surrounding environment and enhances the properties’ natural features. With floodlit practicing facilities running completely on solar-powered, Ayla Golf Course accommodates golfers to practice long after sunset while enjoying the cool Aqaba evening breeze with friends.

In a similar manner, guests can find prestigious GPS-screens golf cart awaiting, in addition to recreational facilities accommodated to provide an exclusive environment to relax and socialize in.

For more information:

Tel: +962 3 209 4000

E-mail: info@ayla.com.jo

Website: www.ayla.com.jo

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