Petra Visitor Center

Petra Visitor Center

are available at the Visitor Center and can be purchased on arrival. Brochures introducing Petra and its various monuments are available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Also various maps of Petra, including an aerial view map and a physical relief of the area, can also be obtained from the Visitor addition to informative panels that contains a lot of interesting information for the visitors.Licensed tour guides can be booked from the Visitor Center to take you through the site. Guides do speak many foreign languages.

Fees for the accommodated visitor who stays at least one night in Jordan.

Entrance Ticket


One  Day

50 (JOD)

Two  Days

55 (JOD)

Three days

60 (JOD)

Fees for the accommodated visitor who visits Petra in the first day of his /her arrival from the border

             Entrance Ticket:          90 JD - 40 JD = 50 JOD

* For the accommodated visitors who visit Petra in the first day of their arrival from the borders they will pay the border ticket fees(90 JOD) and return in the next day to get a refund of 40 JOD

 Fees for non-accommodated visitor:

Entrance Ticket:  (90 JOD)



  • Prices are up to this date, as they may change later.

  • Please submit your valid passport or ID to the tickets office.

  • Tickets are available by cash or Credit cards .

  • Children under 12 years are free of charge.

  • The residents fee is 1 JOD as long as the resident is holding a valid residence card issued for 1 year at least.

  • Jordan pass ticket doesn’t include the Night event "Petra by Night"

Optional Services

1.Tourist guide tickets:




Main Trail

4 KM

50 JOD

Main trail + High place of sacrifice monument through Wadi Farasa

6 KM

120 JOD

Main trail + The Monastery

8 KM

100 JOD

Khubtha Trail



Al Madras Trail



The Monastery (AD-deir) Main Trail


100 JOD

The Monastery (AD-deir) to Little Petra or vice versa

5.8 KM

150 JOD

The Monastery (AD-deir) to Kharubat Al-Fajjah


140 JOD

Wadi Al-Mudhlim (Tunnel Track)


100 JOD

Petra High Place of Sacrifice through Wadi Farasa

17.5 KM

110 JOD

Petra High Place of Sacrifice to Little Petra

5.8 KM

120 JOD

  • These prices for groups and individuals.

2.Carriages price:

The carriage trail

Distance/ Back and forth


Visitor center – Treasury  and return

4 KM

20 JD

Visitor center – Museum and return

8 KM

40 JD


  • Prices are up to this date, as they may change later.

  • The prices for a back and forth tour.

  • You can make an appointment for return.

  • No vehicles or bicycles are allowed beyond the main gate.

  • The carriage / prices for Two people.


Visitor’s Centre opens daily, all year round

Summer Time:                      6:00 - 18:00

Winter Time:                         6:00  -16:00

For more information: +962 0 32156044

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