Aqaba Heritage Museum

Aqaba Heritage Museum

Some cities are thought of as walking museums, with ruins in public spaces and well preserved history inside their museums, Aqaba is one such city.

Located in the middle coast of the fishermen port, with a view of the tranquil sea, its strategic location is a walking distance from the Sherif Hussein`s museum, the Mamluk castle and the Great Arab Revolt Flag.

The old house is an intact model of mud houses, build with a roof made from pine leaves, with a floor made from gravel, with traditional window and doors. The house is divided into two rooms, each serving an efficient purpose.

One room was a guest house with Mada mattresses as a seating area with cushions and covers, and Menkad which was used to prepare coffee and tea. In addition to a Mehbash, a wooden tool used to grind fresh coffee, and fueled lantern, and an old radio. Upon the walls hug personal weapons and pistols, in addition to the house keys, prayer mattress and Holy Quran.

The second room was the bedroom, with a metal bed, above it hung a mosquito net. The room has cavity within the wall called the Metwa, which is a large as the window and was used to preserve the bed’s mattress. In the room is a wooden chest for storing clothing, which called the sandook Al Arousa (The brides Chest) which was given to the bride as a gift upon marrying. There is also a baby coat made from pine fronds and hessian and the hesera, a mattress used an extra bed.

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