Diving Aqaba APP

Diving Aqaba Application


With Diving Aqaba Application, you can now create your personal dive plans for Aqaba’s dive sites. This groundbreaking feature helps you easily brief fellow divers or lets you share information about a dive with everyone to increase overall dive safety.

Diving Aqaba Application offers the first interactive 3D underwater maps, based on high resolution sonar, satellite and video data.


  • Interactive 3D maps
  • 20+ dive sites
  • virtual Dive-Mode.
  • 4 visualization modes
  • Dive-planning feature


Diving Aqaba Application is also designed for dive centers with tools and features for creating next generation dive briefings.

Get free access to show all Aqaba’s dive sites, for every screen in your business (tablets of dive guides, in the shop or on the boat). Draw and share your dive plans with your diving buddies. It is more real than ever before!



Aqaba Waterproof Diving Cards


Aqaba Diving Cards are printed on durable, waterproof PVC plastic and provide detailed descriptions of the 5 wreck-dive sites in the Gulf of Aqaba.

3D views of the site are accompanied with measurements, a depth view, and information on tours, nearby dive locations, types of marine species that can be seen on site, and geographical conditions.


Get your card from Aqaba’s Dive Centers!


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